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The Problem

Our wish is to plant a garden at our school. Our wish is to help our planet heal. We will teach students the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment. Our garden will be organic, non-GMO, and a haven for bees and other friendly insects, which are becoming endangered. Our wish is to give. We pledge to donate 100% of the food we grow to local food banks and hunger preventative organizations, so that people who aren't as privileged as we are can enjoy our garden, too. Our wish is to plant a not just a garden, but to plant a community. It will be a garden where everyone is invited and encouraged to join—students, teachers, parents, and neighbors. We want to create a small sanctuary where anyone and everyone comes together to make the world a better place.

Our Plan

Our garden will replace a patch of grass that consumes thousands of gallons of water every month. This is crucial in Southern California, where we currently have an unprecedented drought. According to our calculations, our garden will only need half the water the lawn drinks up. After scouting this location with local gardening experts and project leaders, we will draw up a layout for the garden, i.e. fences, beds, irrigation, trees, ideal plant layout, etc. We will then acquire the necessary things we need to plant. These include seeds, small plants, lumber, construction materials, and tools. We will try to get as many of these as we can donated by local businesses. Meanwhile, we will be spreading the word and recruiting as many volunteers as we can to help us. The more students we get involved at our school, the more successful our garden will be. We will also target teachers, parents, and community members and ask them to help. This will all be finished by late February. Then, in March, we PLANT! After planting, we will maintain a healthy base of support to ensure the success of our garden in the future. We will host events like gardening days and garden parties to raise awareness about causes like hunger and environmental issues. Our garden will continue to be a beacon for philanthropy and environmental stewardship in our community.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices

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