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The Problem

This Project is designed, to start with my family, and our back yard. As you may know there are many healthy foods, that have multiple purposed, such as corn, which can make ethanol, or Natural Fuel. This can be used to power things, like chainsaws, lawn mowers and even cars. Then you have fruit like apples which have large sturdy trunks. Some varieties of apple trees may be large enough for small scale projects, so that you don't have to buy wood from the store. Also with these plants/trees you can eat the fruit or vegetables that they bear.

Our Plan

My project is long-term, and has already begun. Late last spring I had planted corn crops for the first time in my life. I had no experience back then so I did not get the best crop results, but they were decent. Then I had realized that you can legally make fuel out of corn that is safe to use at home. At the same time you can also eat the corn, and dry some kernels for a new crop. Growing just corn is a highly efficient crop to grow because of the many uses. Recently I have had the desire to grow edible plants from the seed. Apples are one of my favorite fruits, and I learned how to grow them too. You take the seeds, put them in a moist paper towel, and let them in the fridge until they sprout. Then you place them in a pot, and the trunk will start. This way you will get a decent amount of wood, and lots of delicious apples which you can donate to the local food bank!

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