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    rural Stanly County, North Carolina
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The Problem

Hopefully, this will offer an option for a small family to grow organic vegetables, fruit, herbs, and prawns, in an aquaponic model. This will not only provide food in a non-polluting, solar format, but will empower the children involved by helping them to understand how the prawns provide nutrients into the water, that then circulates to the plants who absorb the water and nutrients, demonstrating two ecosystems that benefit by sharing resources. The hope is to document a minimalist approach to food production, without waste. It is not dependent on fertile soil, and the water and air can be filtered, The growing space includes a vertical gardening area, and is spaced to include a wheelchair gardener. The water will be accessed via well and rainwater harvesting, and the plants/prawns will be protected from air pollution by the greenhouse cover. The living space is small, but could accommodate an adult and two children, or two adults, and the intention is to keep costs low. High efficiency solar panels will provide electricity, and an inverter will provide charging for an electric car, with connection to the local electrical grid to store excess electricity, and to provide backup during times of little sun. A somewhat larger option would include a separate area for a dozen laying hens (egg protein), and two Guernsey cows for milk, on the periphery of the small farm. The pilot project is proposed to document the materials, time, and effort required to establish the small food production and living space model. If the individual unit is successful, multiple units could be built and evaluated.

Our Plan

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