The Damage of Plastic

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The Problem

For our project we wish to decrease the use of plastic water bottles in our neighborhood. And encourage people to use reusable water bottle instead of plastic so we are not harming any animals or the environment more then we already are.

Our Plan

We made an oath for our community to sign that says they will stop using this harmful plastic and will use a reusable water bottle instead to decrease there's and our ecological footprint. We will go door to door around our local park to try to get people to agree to our vision and sign our petition. The oath: One use plastic is extremely harmful to our bodies, animal’s bodies, and the environment. Ingesting food or drink that has been stored in one use plastic can bring extremely harmful chemicals into our bodies that can cause birth defects, neurological difficulties, certain types of cancer, reproductive defects, and gender development issues. Plastic litter in the oceans have killed many animals and have even beached whales because the plastic does not digest and clogs up their digestive systems. Other animals, such as turtles, are also in danger of getting tangled in plastic waste. Plastic water bottle tops have no way of being recycled, and most plastic material is not recycled as well. Also, plastic water bottles have extremely loose regulation of water contamination and there is no way to know if the water we are drinking is contaminated. I, _________________________, vow to stop using these harmful materials. This dedication will lower me and my family’s carbon footprint, and my small contribution will help the community as a whole. Also, I will be ingesting water that is healthier for me and has active government regulation to stay that way. There are alternatives to one use plastic water bottles, such as dishwasher-friendly reusable water bottles. I will use these instead of plastic water bottles. Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: _________

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