The Comet Animal Shelter

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The Problem

I want to help find homes for the cats and dogs of Tuzla, Bosnia, by starting an animal shelter.

Our Plan

First, I will try to get enough money to support the shelter. Since one Bosnian mark is equivalent to .60 of an American dollar, my goal is to get $10,000 by January 20th 2019, which is equal to 16760 Bosnian marks. I will get all of the legal contracts signed. Then, I will purchase the property that will become my shelter. My goal is to finish this up before the end of April, 2019. A few weeks into June, after renovating the bathroom, and making the area good for cats and dogs, I will then hire some workers. Mid- June, I will finally bring in a few cats. The minimum of cats is four, but for now, the maximum is 10. (This will help both me and the workers get used to the schedule.) Gradually, we will bring in more cats and dogs. Wew! So, yeah, that's my plan. I know it's really ambitious, and it will be hard, but I'm willing to at least try this out.

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