The Cleanup Kids

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    Chattanooga, Tennessee
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    5 to 7 Years
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    11 to 13 Years
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The Problem

With less than three percent of the Earth\'s water supply being fresh water, it is a vital resource that must be protected. With the Cleanup Kids, a non-profit I founded with my friend Ella, We hope to educate and inspire kids around the world to create positive change by running their own campaigns about something they are passionate about, primarily water. We cannot live without healthy freshwater, PERIOD. Every living being is directly affected but our rivers and oceans. The ocean provides the planet with over 70% of the oxygen we desperately rely on for life as we know it. The ocean is also a huge carbon sink. The rate climate change is going, we can no longer ignore the importance of water on the globe. Less than three percent of all water on Earth is freshwater and two percent of that is locked underground or in ice caps. Freshwater is vital to all life and it can no longer be taken for granted as an unlimited resource.

Our Plan

After receiving some recognition from news networks and even Time Magazine, people become aware that kids are creating change. After this, seeing so many people interested in my work, I decided to start a non-profit to share with kids and youth around the world. The Cleanup Kids has now reached 4 countries with over 15,000 kids educated on our climate, environment and ecosystems across the globe. Founding a nonprofit allowed me to easily contact schools, and other groups with less questioning and more belief and trust in myself and my mission. With a nonprofit, I was taken more seriously since I was so young. I plan to continue to address these issues I am fighting for on a daily basis and not give up. Our planet deserves help. To date, I have removed 35,000 pounds of trash from Tennessee\'s waterways, working with kids in my community. I have recycled over five thousand miles of fishing line. I had recycled nearly 3 tons of aluminum with local businesses. Every single action, no matter how small, can create a tidal wave of change. I wrote a childrens\' book to educate and inspire kids to create change in their own way. After visiting my local library and not seeing any books about our rivers, I knew I needed to do this. I have now been able to speak to over 15,000 youth about our waterways, and freshwater ecosystems. In March, in collaboration with Time for Kids, I spoke to all the Climate Action schools around the globe about conservation and wildlife.

Themes Addressed

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    Climate Change
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    Water Pollution & Conservation

The Benefit

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