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The Problem

We are excited to present the “Butterfly March” through Lincoln Park. Our passion-hobby of raising butterflies in our Chicago garden has turned into a dedicated mission to help our planet. According to the North American Butterfly Association, butterfly populations are down 50% across most species this year, with the most alarming decline among monarchs, which has plummeted by 84%. Reasons for these drops vary, but one common denominator remains the same- human interference. Butterflies are more than just beautiful, they are a critical part of our ecosystem, serving as pollinators and providing food sources for other insects and birds. We can’t afford to lose these beautiful living artworks, certainly not in our lifetimes while we have the power to change things in our own hands. The “Butterfly March” will allow residents to learn about the power of plants right in their own backyard by leading them through a tour of local public parks. Together we will identify various plants that native butterflies use to eat from and lay their eggs. Our mission is to educate and empower our guests to grow their very own butterfly garden in the Chicago-land area one day.

Our Plan

The goal of the Butterfly March is to provide at least three group walks during the Spring of 2022 between March and May. Due to COVID restrictions, as well as the intimacy of the walk, we will offer these walks to groups between six and 10 people. We will know this project is successful if we are able to register at least 20 people over the course of the three walks. We will also send each participant home with information on how to grow their own butterfly garden at their residence and/or neighborhood. Additionally, we will follow-up with participants after one month to see if they have taken further action or would like more information regarding assistance with their own personal butterfly project!

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    Global Citizenship
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The Benefit

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