Thank You Heroes

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    Port Byron School/ for the work Product development and Completion . (Parts1,2)City of Auburn for the Ceremony( Part 3), New York
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The Problem

Students will collaborate with the Cayuga County Chapter 704 Vietnam Veterans of America and leaders of the local Veteran;s post to create a data base ofWWII, Korean War, Vietnam , and the Desert Storm and other Conflict Veterans. From this data base the students will select Veterans and write them thank you letters for their service to our nation. This will be the seedling project that will allow students the opportunity to develop networking skills required to successfully complete an extended project in the fall that will allow students to learn the "Human stories" of the men and women who have served our nation. The project has 3 parts: Part 1Letters will be written and prepared for distribution for memorial Day. Part 2 A memory book featuring the student writings and art work will be created for Community distribution at the Community Wide WAA Ceremony. Part 3 With the assistance of the Chapter 704 Executive Committee and the help of a local Veteran's Post there will be a Heroes appreciation luncheon.

Our Plan

Students will gather Materials and meet with the Chapter 704 Executive Board in March. Preparation and Planning with Teaching Staff and student Group April and May Letter distribution in May Plan and design of the memory Booklet in June, September and October Final decisions on the book in November are made by students and the Veteran's Executive Committee. Publication and distribution of the book in December If Permissible the Roots and Shoot Program would be acknowledged in the Publication with a Program Narrative

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