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The Problem

My wish for this project is that it will provide teens a sense of confidence that will endure for their entire lives to create a world of advocates fighting for their rights and the rights of others.

Our Plan

The goal of the Teen TreeHuggers organization is to provide teens an international platform where they can make their voices heard to tackle wildlife conservation, environmental, and humanitarian issues. Teens, no matter where they come from, will have the opportunity to become journalists known as TreeHuggers. Their work can be in any artistic form, including essays, short stories, poems, music, photos, videos, animated shorts, paintings, drawings, and sculptures. One of the long-term goals of the Teen TreeHuggers organization is to create a grant fund to support TreeHuggers’ conservation events, such as a fundraiser or beach cleanup, as well as provide art supplies and other necessary resources for impoverished teens. These goals will be accomplished through various means. The organization’s galleries will first be online through the Teen TreeHuggers’ website to display our journalists’ work. However, physical locations for Teen TreeHuggers galleries, exhibitions, and shows are one of the goals in the long-term plan. This organization will also serve as an educational resource for teens through guidebooks tailored to each art form on how to best maximize the impact of their work. A guidebook on how to gain financial support will also be available so teens have greater chances of success in solving their communities’ issues and hosting conservation events. The organization’s website will also have a calendar available to members containing TreeHugger-led conservation events as well as a public calendar with conservation events held by other organizations. Another long-term goal is to create chatrooms on the website where teens can host and attend brainstorming sessions to connect and collaborate with their fellow TreeHuggers. There will be a small membership fee to become a TreeHugger in order to have a sense of commitment from the teen as well as to cover costs. However, the grant fund will also include the opportunity for teens to apply for free membership. The Teen TreeHuggers organization will be sustained through grants as well as business sponsorships.

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