Teacher Appreciation Event at Fairview HS Chapter

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    Fairview Park, Ohio
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The Problem

Students are planning to do a volunteer project to honor the hardworking and dedicated staff at Fairview. In addition to making breakfast for teachers reporting to the yearly required Staff In-service Day, we'd also like to create loving and caring cards, handwritten and handmade by the high school students, to create a thoughtful experience for teachers. Teachers will also be provided a short video of students throughout the school saying, “thank you!”

Our Plan

We aim to craft a unique handwritten card for each staff member, as well as provide a meaningful video or quote to each staff member that signifies the distinctive way in which each has made a difference to a student. We will collect a list of all staff members attending the required In-service Day and ensure each student in the Chapter submits a portion of handwritten cards to contribute to this cause. We will also purchase and cook breakfast items like pancakes, eggs, and bacon!

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