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The Problem

Last year, our Gladden Warriors established a community campaign to increase the awareness of resources available to the local wildlife. We did so through the local animal shelter, several veterinarians, and the state parks and Forestry Services. This campaign will involve the Warriors actually becoming one of the resources available, as together we build a wildlife feeding station to provide wild bird and small animal feed to the local wildlife. The station will be built on the school property and will be built, replenished, and data collected by the students.

Our Plan

Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots campaign grant money will be used for the purchase of the materials necessary to build and establish a wild bird/wild animal feeding station. The labor will be provided by the 75 middle school children associated with the group. After the station is built and supplied, the student will collect data toward how many animals eat at the station, and how much they eat. The students will then be responsible of replenishing the feeding station throughout the school year.

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