Taiwan Truffula Trees!

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    Taichung City
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The Problem

Our wish for this project is to help promote and encourage the growth of new trees in our community for future generations!

Our Plan

Our project comes from Jane Goodall's school curriculum called "Taproots for Elementary School". It centers on the importance of trees. We customized the lessons to make it "local" to what is in OUR community. We will also take the lessons from the "Lorax" story by Dr. Suess and customize the lessons in relation to our community. Fo our our Service Learning part of the curriculum, our students are deciding to individually wrap a seed from a local tree that grows in our community and hand them out to everyone they know to encourage them to plant it somewhere in their communities (just like in the story of the Lorax!) Really cool and a wonderful parallel ending! Students really get it! I also have the Taproots curriculum in case anyone would like to share and use it!

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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