Tackling Ecophobia With Positive Posters

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The Problem

For our first project our group learned about what "ecophobia" was. What it is, is a fear of nature and a fear that we cannot illicit change. We also learned how positive messages regarding the environment and conservation can have a huge impact on people and can illicit huge changes. We also learned that when environmental messages talk about "doom and gloom" it can have a negative effect on people and make them feel hopeless. We looked at examples of environmental messaging and we talked about how these messages made us feel. Did we feel empowered? Did we feel fearful or angry? We then talked about how the messages that had the most effect on us were the ones that made us feel like we could make changes in our world. The members of our Roots and Shoots group picked a topic that they are passionate about and made a small poster regarding this topic. In keeping with the topic of ecophobia they kept their posters positive. Once all of the posters were completed they were all attached to a much larger poster. We attached them all together into one larger poster for two reasons. First, we wanted to exemplify the idea that together we can change the world. Secondly, we did this as a team building exercise to put a spotlight on all of the topics the group members are passionate about. Our larger poster will then be displayed for the public.

Our Plan

Our project will do four things. 1) The participants will pick a topic they feel passionately about and will make a small poster about said topic. 2) In keeping with our understanding of ecophobia the poster will strive to utilize as positive a message as possible. 3) Each of the posters will utilize recycled materials when at all possible (ie. magazine words and pictures, etc). 4) When completed, all posters will then be attached to a much larger poster to be displayed for the public.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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