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The Problem

Malaysia has a very huge stray problem. This is due to rampant pet dumping and pets being allowed to roam the streets un-neutered. Every day, strays are abused by people who are either cruel, lacking in compassion or just ignorant. Mongrel Pride's vision is to see that every stray dog and cat get the quality of life they deserve. This means having awareness and education programmes, trap-neuter-release-manage programmes, and helping shelters and independent feeders with a steady supply of food for shelter dogs, cats, and strays.

Our Plan

The "Table for paw, please!" project. As part of the Mongrel Pride movement, we will start off with a project that collects surplus food from cafés and restaurants. It is heart-breaking to see so much wastage. Every piece of food thrown into the bin is something precious to a starving stray. "Table for paw, please!" involves the following: 1. Appeal to cafés and restaurants to donate surplus food. 2. Organise groups of school children and shelter volunteers to collect the food and to deliver it to shelters and independent feeders. For independent feeders to qualify, they must be involved in neutering/spaying efforts.

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