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    Los Angeles, California
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The Problem

Our wish for this project is to have a sustainable source of organic food to try, and also to provide an experiential learning opportunity that will give students skills to plant and grow organic food at home. Micro gardening techniques will allow us to maximize food production in a small space. By growing and sustaining an organic garden, we hope to empower our school community to be active stakeholders in their communities and to share their knowledge with others.

Our Plan

We will build a raised garden bed from a kit and use organic soil and seeds to grow produce and herbs. The bed will be purchased from local source (Fig Earth Supply). We will explore the use of compost and learn about how other organisms support our garden. We started a Habitat Restoration project last year, so that project will contribute to a supportive environment for these edible plants. Our project will provide a long term learning environment in which to grow healthy food in a small space using micro gardening techniques used for centuries.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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