Sustainable Bags

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The Problem

The Bridge to the Future Scholars Program has developed a community engagement project that will provide sustainable bags for low income families in Canoga Park during food distributions. Currently youth members in the Bridge to the Future Scholars program work with the Neighborhood Partners in Action Group, and volunteer to help distribute food to organizations that organize food pantries for low income families once a month. During the food distributions families from the Canoga Park community are able to stop by and receive a couple bags of groceries. These distributions have been ongoing for about 3 years now and each food distribution serves about 3,000 families. We currently use plastic bags to provide individual families with groceries. If we could provide reusable bags to families during these distributions it would help reduce the use of plastic and in turn help the surrounding environment.

Our Plan

Our goal is to provide families with a combination of cloth and insulated bags, as this would be beneficial to those families who travel by foot or public transportation. Since all bags (plastic, paper, and cloth bags) cost money, providing these families with reusable bags would benefit them outside of the produce distribution.

Themes Addressed

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    Poverty & Equity
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The Benefit

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