Sunny Flowers in Shady Places

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The Problem

Throughout our brief time at Sequoyah, we few members of the school gardening club have noticed an a certain area, behind our science classroom, that is avoided by most of our school. This area is a small overgrown patch of small trees and plants that cover it. We would like to change that. We believe that with the money from Roots and Shoots, we can truly turn this space from an overgrown backyard into a beautiful and peaceful garden that people on the Sequoyah campus can enjoy. To address this issue we will be working with Tree People to dig up most of the invasive plants in that area, to make space for native plants that will thrive in small shady areas.

Our Plan

We plan to create a beautiful space at our school in three stages. Stage 1 will be to clear out the dead brush and invasive species (with help from the Tree People organization). Stage 2 will be to create a terraced hillside using large planks of wood and steel pipes (mimicking the terraced backyard of the Gamble House next door). Stage 3 will be to select and plant native species that grow well in the shade of our beautiful existing oak trees.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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