Sunchase Wildflower Beautification | APES 2nd Period

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    Cedar Park, Texas
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The Problem

To successfully plant six grams of mixed wildflower seeds in an open, community oriented area. About 20 seeds will be planted in one square foot of ground, equaling up to five immediately effected square feet of ground. Over time, the flowers are to blossom, pollinate and spread into the surrounding area, hoping to create a beautiful garden of wildflowers.

Our Plan

The main goal of the project is to beautify a bland, sewer oriented area planted in the center of a neighborhood in Cedar Park. Six grams of mixed wildflower seeds are projected to plant, grow, bloom, pollinate, and repeat as they spread all across the sewer area. According to, the benefits of wildflower plant and growth include: plant diversity attracting insects and other invertebrates, adding a change in palate of color to an urban area, and activating the community around the affected area to maintain and create opportunity for natural studies and art lessons.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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