Stop the Garbage to Save the Future Part II

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The Problem

My wish is for my students to respect the planet and take action by picking up trash and creating something sustainable with that trash. The project I started last school year, as part of the Kids for Positive Change Flagship Program, addressed the problem of plastics in the school, schoolyard and on the beaches of Lake Erie. My students and I started creating "bottle bricks," plastic water bottles stuffed with plastic bags, for this year's Earthbench Project! My wish is for all of my students to become excited and engaged making their bottle bricks for the Earthbench. The entire school is involved in the project (including the 4th graders I had last year), along with our sister school, Erie Intermediate, which is on the same school campus. My wish is for my students to share what they learn about plastic pollution with their families and friends, so our school and community no longer uses plastics! Recycling plastic water bottles and bags, into bottle bricks, for our school Earthbench, is a good first step and I wish for all students and our community to become involved!

Our Plan

My class last year started making bottle bricks. My class, this year, has started making bottle bricks, along with every other 4th and 5th grade class at Superior Intermediate (my school) and Erie Intermediate (the school on the same campus, across the courtyard). All classes will make bottle bricks, for the foundation of the bench from now until March 2018. All classes will then build the bench in April 2018. My class, along with other classes are collecting plastic bottles and bags to make the bottle bricks. Camille, from Kids for Positive Change, just presented the Sharks & Sea Turtles Program, to my 4th graders on Friday, Sept. 8th. My students are so excited about saving sharks and sea turtles and they now understand how plastic bottles, bags and plastic pieces harm sharks, sea turtles and other marine life! Our action time has started and will continue! We are all so excited about creating and building our Earthbench!

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The Benefit

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