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The Problem

my wish for this project is to tell people at school they must not litter. As Jane Goodall says it's called I'm just me-ism, where if 1 person drops a small piece of rubbish they think, I am just one person out of billions of people. After all it's only a little bit of rubbish no one will know. however everyone thinks that so therefor everyone is littering. it is hard to stop. i myself am trying. like we all must. So please don't litter. Everyday an animal is getting killed, by's unfair, they have as much of a right to live as we do.

Our Plan

At my school most people eat things on the oval (they're not allowed to). So i thought i could put down some bins just before the stairs that lead down to the oval. But then i thought why would people bother to walk all the way back up the stairs. So then i thought maybe putting some bins around the oval. That was when i released that staggering bins around the oval would encourage more and more people to eat down there. so finally i decided i could put some big signs saying NO EATING OR LITTERING ON THE OVAL would do the trick. So hopefully this plan will work. i'd do anything for those animals.

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    Clean Water
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