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The Problem

STEM You Can is a national organization that strives to offer free summer camps and classes to girls interested in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. Our goal is to encourage elementary school girls that they can pursue a career in STEM fields and to develop their interest in these fields as well. According to the Census Bureau’s study, only 24% of females work in STEM fields. We strive to change this and allow females to explore these topics. In order to reach out to all female kids, this camp is a free camp. My wish is to encourage all girls to pursue their interests and get involved with STEM. Lastly, I would like to spread awareness that girls can be involved in the same STEM careers as boys!

Our Plan

The STEM You Can summer camps will be a week long. Each day of camp, I will focus on different STEM topics and incorporate hands-on activities as well as lesson plans for the girls. Examples of topics explored are biology, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics, and engineering. I have already helped run 3 camps these past two years already and I am extremely excited to do many more sessions this coming summer! Along with the various lesson plans and experiments, STEM You Can KY has also partnered with AWIS (American Women in Science) and KAS (Kentucky Academy of Science). I am so thankful for the volunteers that have come and spoken from these two organizations in the previous summer camps. The girls get a first-hand experience with different STEM careers and have the great opportunity to find their passion. Through volunteers, speakers, activities, and much more, I plan to cultivate the curiosity of young girls and expose them to STEM.

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