STEM You Can! 2022 In-Person Camp Experience , Environmentally Themed

  • Location
    Elizabettht, New Jersey
  • Status
  • Age Level
    8 to 10 Years
    11 to 13 Years

The Problem

Many young girls and kids lost hands-on opportunities to learn STEM through experiments and builds. The lost experience in addition to the lack of female representation in STEM can be discouraging and demotivating.

Our Plan

In an environmentally-themed weeklong camp during Spring/Summer 2022, we plan to teach kids about STEM through hands-on experiments and builds: solar panel cars, solar flower toys, 3D Prints, planting and gardening experiments, and more. We will continue encouraging discussions about women in STEM which will help empower these girls. Ultimately, we hope our campers become aware about the environment, experience scientific and engineering processes, and feel encouraged to pursue STEM.

Themes Addressed

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    Poverty & Equity
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The Benefit

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