STEM – Winterfest

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The Problem

Our goal is to make science and learning fun for elementary and middle school students! We will have a lot of fun STEM projects that are related to winter and cold temperatures. At the same time, we are conducting a winter clothes drive - we will ask participants to bring warm clothing to the event and also welcome them to take any mittens, coats, or the like home with them. We will have a great time teaching, mentoring, and giving!

Our Plan

We will be partnering with the Mid America Science Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate. Our project will include a winter clothes drive - those taking part will be asked to donate winter clothes or they can choose a hat, coat, gloves, or they can choose any piece of warm clothing they need. The STEM/ winter themed event will include activities such as: making hot ice, projects with liquid nitrogen, dry ice and a pine cone/water microscope table.

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