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    New York, New York
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The Problem

This project's objective to bring STEM I CAN! to a new location. This would provide the opportunity to kids in lower income communities about the world of STEM. This will hopefully help the kids with there education, and inspirer them create goals towards STEM related careers. By bringing STEM opportunities into a community this will eventually help its economy.

Our Plan

This project will organize and conduct a series of different experiments that will help teach kids the general concepts and theories behind different STEM fields. The kids can will be given the opportunity to work on these experiments in an interactive community allowing them to learn hands on. An example of an experiment would be that dropping a ball represents gravity, and the different forms of energy and how gravity influents them. Another example could be the concept of friction, and using an incline plane and a sliding block and changing the surface of the incline plane from felt to wood to Velcro to see how the change in material affects the distance a block slides. These are just examples how the experiments would support a theory or concept. They will also learn about different carrier paths within STEM that they can pursue. This program will explore all fields of STEM (math, physics, chemistry, biology, renewable energy, robotic, engineering, oceanography) and will not just solely focus on one or two topics. By doing this the kids will be exposed to more subjects and it will hopefully be an eye opener to just how many possibly the STEM field really is.

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The Benefit

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