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    West Palm Beach, Florida
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    5 to 7 Years
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    11 to 13 Years

The Problem

97% students at our school come from low-income families and more than 75% of the students perform at least two grade levels below. They don't have the support they need at home with their education. My Roots and Shoots group wants to build a STEM Lab at our school. The STEM education program is a national initiative to improve the access to science, technology, education, and mathematics resources and programs for students of all ages and all socioeconomic backgrounds. Teaching STEM at schools is important because it pervades every part of our lives. Teaching them Stem would encourage them to be engaged, excited about learning and help them become innovative citizen of the world. Through STEM, students learn all disciplines of education. All young people should be prepared to think deeply and to think well so that they have the chance to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our world, both today and tomorrow. My group believes hands-on approach for learning helps them understand the concepts better. STEM plays a huge role in education now. Science, technology, engineering, math (and reading) are integrated in STEM. Through researching, doing and making things, I feel our students benefit more. But, we don't have the supplies needed for supporting this program. Getting this grant will help us getting some materials for our STEM Lab.

Our Plan

We want to create a STEM Lab at our school.

Themes Addressed

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    Social-Emotional Learning

The Benefit

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