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The Problem

Our wish for this project is that the students will feel excited to take the stair well for the esthetics and for saving energy by not taking our elevator. Our school is in a renovated hospital. The students use the fire escape stairwell to climb the stairs because the elevators were not made for classes of students. We want to make stairwell #5 enticing for students to use. There are 5 flights of stairs that we could beautify by using the graphic art work from the students. We need money to get the laminate used for the artwork.

Our Plan

The custodian is working with the energy department at how to get more efficient LED lighting. In 5 years our district pays $10,000 to light this stair-well. If we had LED lighting we could cut our bill in 1/2. The graphic design class is going to make graphic pictures to decorate the stairwell. We also want to remind students to take the stair well because of the health benefits. The stair well will give students an area to display their graphic designs. Since we can't hang pictures because of the fire codes, the laminate would work in the stairwell. We need funding for the laminate so we can beautify our stair well.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices

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