“Spring Cleaning”

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The Problem

Our wish for this project (and everyone in Roots & Shoots working in conjunction with us) is to hopefully make a positive impact on the environment and lessen the threat toward the chimpanzees, great apes and people of the rainforest.

Our Plan

We are "Spring Cleaning" our electronic lives and encouraging others in our community to do the same. It feels safe to say almost all of us have old flip cell phones and electronic handheld devices laying around our homes unused; so we are spreading the word through social media, the media (radio, newspaper and magazines), speaking engagements and schools and asking everyone to drop off unused electronics at our local library. We are already receiving a tremendous response for our size community due to the desire to protect the environment, help save the great apes and benefit the mission of the Jane Goodall Institute.

Themes Addressed

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    Indigenous Rights
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The Benefit

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