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The Problem

My wish for this project is to be able to give the dogs of my local SPCA a day where they can leave the cages they are kept in and walk with other dogs and be outside. I would also like for some dogs to be adopted . . . But that would be very wishful thinking.

Our Plan

My project is collaborating with another local organization that raises money for school supplies for children in need. I will take dogs from my local SPCA that are healthy and friendly around other people/dogs, and host a walk for them. The walk will cost $5 to go towards my friend's school supplies organization, and my benefit will be being able to give to these innocent animals a chance to be out side. Other people will bring their dogs, and then those without a dog will walk the ones from the SPCA. This project is different because it is not a fundraiser, but I feel that it is just as important because these dogs don't need money as much as they need love and care.

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