South American Wildlife – Protection and Knowledge

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The Problem

We want to help protect South American animals, forests, and ecosystems by sharing information from species found in South America, their importnace for their ecosystem´s balance, and how their loss affects the world, local communities, qnd entire ecosystems.

Our Plan

We want people, regardless of where they are from, to help us fight for South American nature and protect the beautiful animal species from extinction or potential threats. We want to make learning a key point to help understant how small actions can have an impact on the community. Only when we learn, can we truly help our natural planet. We want to show what the real problems regarding biodiversity loss are; we want people to engage and propose possible solutions for these problems. Our goal is to show people how sacred and beautiful nature is in this part of the world we call South America.

Themes Addressed

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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Endangered Species
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The Benefit

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