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The Problem

Ever since I worked for Roots & Shoots, 1997 - 1999 as a local volunteer, then 1999 - 2002 as the first Roots & Shoots Tanzanian Coordinator and Assistant Country Coordinator, organised the first National Roots & Shoots Teachers Workshop, and the coordinated the first world ten years anniversary of Roots & Shoots, eeeh, my way of looking at issues changed, I became more concerned with making the world a better place, and kept on working for the better of the human community, got inspired to help kids with soccer trainings as a school teacher and soccer coach, that would put them away from substances and drug abuse, BQ Contractors Youth Soccer sort to create an open venue for children in school and those who could not make it for Secondary Education and engage them in health and sports improving activities. We belief that sports is famous with creating respectful citizens, improves dignity and other inherent values.

Our Plan

In February 1997, I started the first Inter-schools girls roots & shoots soccer league in Dar es salaam City and Tanzania in general, and that marked the beginning of inter-schools girls soccer competitions. In 2005, the BQ Contractors Limited, started to support the program, which we later named THE BQ CONTRACTORS YOUTH SOCCER PROGRAM, they started supporting school and non-school going children to play organized football through equipment in balls, uniforms and travel expenses. We advocate good discipline in and outside training. Good Academic Performance in school. Exposure of kids to competitive tournaments. Inspirational football tours for players. Good relations with their parents through regular community based events. Motivating good performers in medals and trophies. The innate desire is to impart the game with the correct values of respect, dignity and purpose while appreciating players’ individual academic development. We engage their parents and guardians with intend to make participation all encompassing. Today, the BQ Soccer program for life and academic improvement is home to an increasing 120 children aged between 7 and 23. All the categories have proved the talents they poses. A number of the boys (2005, 2009 intake) are playing in the Tanzania top soccer league and earning a living through their talents, and this motivates us and uplifts our hearts to keep on making a difference in our communities to change lives of our children and give second chances of life to others too. And our strength remains to be; the presence of Committed players and availability of a bank of talents. Engagement of parents and guardians who are committed to see their children grow. Good, committed and experienced Coaches / trainers with compassion, love and care. Support from Laureate International School to accommodate the team trainings at their school football ground, changing and washrooms and support related to guidance and counseling from the school pastoral care department of the players from abusive or less priviledged environments.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety

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