Smoking Free Community

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    Pulau Perhentian Kecil
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The Problem

Even though smoking being a common thing in Malaysia, the children in Pulau Perhentian's Fishermen Village don't like it. For them this project's goal is to stop their parents, family or others from smoking and to raise awareness amongst the community. For us (Ecoteer's Community & Conservation Project) the goal of this project goes beyond a campaign to stop smokers from smoking; our wish is the hope that one day the children of the community will grow up to be non smokers and live in a smoking free community.

Our Plan

Our very first Roots & Shoots program started at the beginning of March. We introduced the Jane Goodall Institute and showed the students a variety of past successful projects from all over the world, and got them excited to start their own project. After two intense mapping sessions, the children were aware of the things they liked and disliked about their village, concerning humans, animals and the environment. After a brainstorming session, we listed the students' concerns for their community and areas they felt needed improvement. This was followed with the children voting and choosing their first project: "A Smoking Free Community". From now on (the end of March) we run a three hour Roots & Shoots class on a weekly basis, open for all kids in Sekola Pulau Perhentian (SKPP). Every week we discuss a different topic, related to smoking. Health issues, the respiration system, air pollution, environmental issues and so on will be the topics of discussion for the upcoming weeks of the project. All of the activities will be a mixture of info sessions, science based experiments and games. The kids are involved in choosing the activities based on issues they feel that are important to their community. A quiz about smoking facts, puzzles of healthy and unhealthy lungs, brainstorm sessions, posters, ashtrays and so on will pass by. We are looking forward to see them run around the village being the 'kids police' in a couple of weeks...

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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