Skyview School of STEM Agricultural Fair

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    Windsor, Colorado
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The Problem

We want to remind our community about the fact that we are an agricultural community with a rich history based around farming and ranching and how important that is for our community and society. Our wish is to teach our school and community about water as a resource and how it helps to grow the crops that surround our town of Windsor.

Our Plan

This year, we are focused on teaching our community about the agriculture and it's impact in our area. Our students have started to plan a community fair so that they can invite community members and families to learn about our community and it's agricultural history and influence. We will invite some of the speakers that we have used over the years to help present this information. Our school will have this fair as a half day during school hours so that our Roots & Shoots members can teach our school community all that they've learned. We will continue it into the evening so that families and the community can attend. This will also allow us to teach our community about our outdoor classroom that our Roots & Shoots members are helping to plan and build for our school.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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