Sincronización en Zarauz

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The Problem

Interested in supporting the process of the school in which we first learned as infants. We've noticed big changes in the educational system of it, and we are very empowered. This school is called Claustro Moderno located in Bogotá, Colombia. We've stablished a work group called Aguanica. Through Aguanica's support net, we've encountered several ways of action and natural learning. We see the necessity of introducing Permaculture as a common practice in people's daily life. We vision a city, a country in which permaculture is a common goal and a concept understood by everyone.

Our Plan

We see the necessity of adapting the project to our specific geographical and sociological situation. Through a community orchard and ecological consumption awareness we're expecting to compromise environmental and food education in the school. That's why we consider this to be a investigation process, which would evolve considering the situation's complexity. Once proved this methodology works, the children do get closer to, understand, and they feel reflected by nature, social structures will began to regenerate by its own. We are planning on planting a seed towards social tissue regeneration of our war-ripped country, now in peace treaties, in reformulating land's ownership.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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