Simulation of a Catastrophic Oil Spill in the Salish Sea, What is the Risk to the Ecosystem and Endangered Orca Whales?

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The Problem

1) Raise awareness about the possibility of an ocean oil spill happening along the oil tanker routes in the Salish Sea. That is near Seattle, WA. The Salish Sea is habitat for more than 100 endangered or threatened species. They include the only 80 endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales (orcas) left on Earth. 2) Share the results with the public so they understand the risk of ocean oil spills. Encourage people to reduce use of oil products and use more alternative energy. 3) Share data and final report with oil spill experts at NOAA, universities, and marine organizations to understand the risks. 4) Share project with President Obama and other lawmakers. Ask them to make laws to prevent oil spills, stop arctic drilling, and encourage alternative energy.

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