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The Problem

Recycle, Reuse & Reinvent to stay green – Flag signals Number of people participating 7 Number of hours spent 18. The entire study took over 6 months to complete Number of people served 22 We spent our spring break at the Intrepid in NYC and were taught about how the navy used flags to communicate. We thought it was very interesting and then we got fresh sheets of paper to make flags and hang them. We decided to reuse old envelopes to make the flags. Then we taught little kids in our community above Navy signals, flags and how to reuse old envelopes to make flags.

Our Plan

Materials Used envelopes Craft glue, Scissors, stapler, pen, stickers, crayons, marker pens We collected 32 envelopes from our community . We then sorted and graded them. 4 envelopes could not be used and had be recycled. We used a chart as reference and colored them to specifications Wrote a small message about reusing We then taught a kids in our community about these flags and how to reuse material to make your own distributed it to our community. We also went on the Intrepid and shared our knowledge with campers their WE LEARNT Reusing is important. It’s better than recycle A little time and a tiny amount of effort can help keep our planet earth green. It gave us an opportunity to spread the world about reuse to our friends at the office and in our community. Memorial day being around the corner, it also helped us create knowledge and highlight our navy families 4-22-17 Arihunt and I recruited 6 other kids in this project. We discussed the importance of signals, taught the children how to decode the flags. We had made a little game to test the kids, they were able to guess the word in 22 seconds. We made a new word with signals and tested it on some adults.

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