She Power: How Periods Affect Potential

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The Problem

We will work together with community leaders and enlist the support of male and female advocates, teachers, and local politicians to educate these girls, many of whom cannot afford pads and resort to using unwashed rags, salvaged cloths, and discarded garments, all of which cause serious infections and abrasions, and break taboos which prevent them from attending school at these times. The voices of girls and young women are crucial to ensuring an equal and equitable community and workplace and a powerful force for change. By encouraging, inspiring, and helping them to know their value, we are creating opportunities for women to be leaders as well as educating and helping them to support and take a stand for the environment, humanitarian issues, and their community.

Our Plan

I am leading the Women Changing Our World Foundation (Twitter: @WCOWUSA), a women's advocacy organization and nonprofit founded in partnership with MetoWe and the Myna Mahila foundation, which has partnered with the Downtown Women's Center on LA's Skid Row, to support residents, young women, girls, and teenagers in impoverished or underserved parts of Los Angeles in support of UN Women's mission to ensure a fair and equitable environment and end gender parity. Our objectives are to empower young women and girls, targeting those part of indigenous and traditionally underserved communities, reduce stigmas concerning menstruation which prevent young girls from receiving an education while being culturally sensitive, and disseminate health and hygiene information and sanitary pads and products assistance for 5,000 girls and young women. The importance of uplifting the young girls who will grow into the female leaders we revere is only highlighted by the recent women's march and its crucial place in our communities.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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    Indigenous Rights

The Benefit

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