Set up fundraiser for purchasing land in the Amazonian rainforest.

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    Ada, Michigan
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The Problem

To make a realistic change, by gaining control of the land within our own rights. If the land will belong to us, we have the power to do, or rather not do, to the land we own.

Our Plan

Create fundraisers in forms of events, social gatherings or parties. Do a bake-sale, garage sale, anything you'd like to come up with that you feel is worth doing. The funds would go towards the purchasing of land- whatever your portion, you would be entitled to that land. Given our stance on nature in this group, the wildlife would therefore benefit from our rights granted upon it. Setting up a personal goal of how much you'd like your part to be is within your choice. If you want to know the price for an acre of the land, feel dre to reach out to me and ask. Thank you for your attention.

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