Seeds of Green Things

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    Rome, Georgia
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The Problem

As my students learn the ins and outs of gardening, my hope is that they will acquire a higher knowledge of teamwork, responsibility, and organizational skills. As they plant seeds, make watering schedules, analyze plant productivity, and harvest our garden, my students will learn what it actually means to take care of their surroundings.

Our Plan

In third grade we will be planting "Seeds of Green Things" to be harvested before the first frost. We have already begun the process by planting a few packs of lettuce. Our goal is to plant things that will grow in this season and have a "Green" luncheon with our students with lettuce, kale, mustard, chard, cabbage, and collards. The students will learn all of the processes of caring for a garden such as: planting, analyzing growing conditions, checking plant productivity, water scheduling, harvesting, and consuming the product.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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