Seed Balls

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    Hyattsville, Maryland
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The Problem

We toured a local food forest and learned about how native plants can be used to help feed people and help sustain wildlife. After the visit each member created seed balls with seeds of native wildflowers. We hope that through the distribution of the seed balls that more native plants will grow in our area and that they will support bees and other pollinators.

Our Plan

The leaders for this session gathered clay, soil, and native seeds. Each member got to form about 8-10 seed balls from the materials. One of the leaders reminded us all when we should throw our seed balls (after the first frost). We then got to each choose a local location that we thought would be a good spot for the native plant seeds. We hope that the seeds will grow into plants that will help sustain a positive ecosystem in our city, especially supporting bees and other pollinators to do their important work.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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