Scorpion Control Center

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    Kakuma refugee camp
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The Problem

We are refugees living in a refugee camp that was stablished in 1992. The camp is located in the north -western part of kenya in Africa. The environment is semi-arid, a favourite home for venomous animals such scorpions, snakes, centipedes and spiders. For two decades, refugees were exposed to stings and snakebites. Many have lost their loved ones, and some are left with either amputed finger, arm, leg on one hand. Species were exposed to the unecessary crashing down and killing on the other hand. Although the high rate of stings and snakebites which are considered as second threat after malaria to this populated camp ( 245,000 ) inhabitants. We have come up with this initiative of Scorpion Control Center to provide these vulnerable people with the education that will protect both the people and the species. Through education, we aim to create a new mindset, a new culture and new believe about the species by developing a theory that explains the important role of the species in the ecosystem.

Our Plan

Our plan of action is as follows: - conduct research on the variety of the species found locally in the camp and around the camp. - provide our community members with the catalog of each species containing images, and relevant information about each species. - run regular sensitization campaign program at least twice a year. - organise workshops and events - train staffs to carry out the relocation of any specie found in the community to a safe environment. - Building the very first center in environmental literacy. - organise short courses in environmental literacy and protection of species. - Provide our community with a learning, research and visiting space for every researchers, locally, nationally and internationally. - Provide cartoon posters that drives the safety message to everyone.

Themes Addressed

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    Animal Welfare
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The Benefit

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