School Wildlife Project

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    Prague, Puerto Rico
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The Problem

School wildlife gardens are gardens that attract wildlife. They can increase the biodiversity of your school grounds, particularly in urban landscapes such as capital cities; and provide a safe and attractive place to learn about wildlife. School wildlife gardens are becoming increasingly important refuges for wildlife. Numerous natural habitats are disappearing due to human activities such as pollution and house building, and many once common species are now struggling to survive. The stag beetle, the dormouse and the once common bluebell and house sparrow are all examples of native species that have greatly declined in numbers in recent years largely due to vanishing habitat. Any type of green space - no matter how small - can be designed specifically to attract wildlife.

Our Plan

The aim of our project is to promote the importance of wildlife in our local areas and ways in which we can encourage wildlife into our local area.Such as bird and bat boxes, hedgehog and butterfly feeders and wild meadow flowers.

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The Benefit

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