School Composting

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    Crosslake, Minnesota
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The Problem

Our school wants to help reduce landfill waste by composting our fruits and vegetable waste from out school lunches.

Our Plan

1. We will educate each classroom on what composting is and what students can compost in the lunchroom. We will also talk about reducing lunch waste by eating everything on our plate. Students will create a short skit for this. 2. We will purchase 2 composting bins. Fruits and vegetables will be composted daily by students during lunch. After all of the lunches, students will bring the compostable items to the composting bins. 3. Once soil has been created we will sell it to the community. To do this, we will sew canvas bags to put the soil in and ask for the bags to be returned to us so that we could reuse them (we don't want to use plastic bags). The funds will be used for doing more service projects.

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