School Canteen Improvement Project

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The Problem

GIHE Roots&Shoots aims to advocate for healthy food in our school canteen. We would like to collaborate with the canteen and help them maintain sanitation in the canteen and provide healthy menu for the students.

Our Plan

We planned to involve other students besides Roots&Shoots group in this project to get their suggestions and feedback for the canteen. Next, we will talk with the canteen members and suggest them healthy menu for students. Likewise, we will encourage them to use hair caps and gloves while serving us food. However, we believe that it is a give and take affair. Therefore, we will start to maintain hygiene in our canteens from ourselves. For example, usually students leave their plates on the tables after they are done with their lunch, so we want to introduce a bin in the canteen where the students will put their used plates once they are finished with their lunch. This will not only help us maintain sanitation in the canteen, but will help the canteen staffs to invest their time in managing canteen sanitation. Likewise, such efforts from the students will help the canteen to see the impact of our project on their business.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

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