Saving trees

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    Neptune Beach, Florida
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The Problem

We want to reduce the number of trees cut down by using cloth napkins at school that are made from old towels.

Our Plan

1. We learned about tiny bits of plastic in many recycled paper products that are bad for people. 2. We already knew it was wasteful to use paper napkins and towels each day. 3. We decided to ask parents for old towels we could turn into napkins and cleaning cloths. 4. We had two tearing days! 5. One team member took the cloths home to wash them. 6. Now we are ready to introduce the cloths to our classmates. 7. Every day they may have a clean cloth to use at lunch. 8. Each week the dirty cloths will be taken home by a different team member to wash and fold. 9. We will do calculations to see how many trees we are able to save by doing this.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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