Saving the Orangutans

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The Problem

Our wish is to raise awareness of the desperate situation the Orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra are facing and to raise money to protect their remaining habitat, which will also be helping the tigers, bears, elephants and other wildlife that depend on the jungle for survival.

Our Plan

In class, we will watch Orangutan Diaries. We will then research Orangutans and present posters and powerpoints to the class. At our class assembly, we will put on a skit that will show the other students what is happening to the Orangutan. The Roots and Shoots leaders will prepare an educational Powerpoint on the Orangutan and Palm Oil. Prior to having 'Orange Accessory Day for the Orangutans', the leaders will take this Powerpoint to every classroom to educate the children on Palm Oil and the danger it presents to the Orangutans. The Roots and Shoots children will also write to various manufacturers requesting they remove Palm Oil from their products or change to certified Palm Oil. They will also write to the major supermarkets requesting that they do not stock products containing Palm Oil.

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