Saving the Elephants

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The Problem

I want to help keep the elephants alive. By doing so, I want to raise awareness to other people about how slowly the wild elephant lives are decreasing. With many people coming to action and showing thought and care to the creatures, we can make a differnce and try to help save them. Around the year 2020, it is most likely that elephants will be extinct. The poachers in Africa are killing the elephants for their expensive ivory that they have. Every 15 minutes an elephant dies. That is about 96 elephants a day! I want to make a stand and try to end poaching and be able to keep the elephants alive. If I can reach out to many other people who love and care about these creatures, maybe someday poachingwill stop and the elephantpopulation will start to increase.

Our Plan

My goal here is to raise awareness and let people know the dangers going on to the elephants. If many people team up on ending poaching and keeping the elephnats safe and alive, the beautiful creatures would be able to still roam freely aroung the world.

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