Saving the Earth

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    Madison, Wisconsin
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The Problem

We plan to beautify the school grounds by collecting litter, raking and planting flowers in garden beds. We hope to learn more about reducing waste, reusing, materials, and recycling. We hope the children will learn about conservation of our natural resources and caring for our earth.

Our Plan

Throughout the week of April 20-24, the kids will identify what waste can be reused and which can be recycled. They will discuss ways to reduce human paper and water waste. They will collect litter on Earth Day and take a walk to the waste and recycling dumpsters. Children will sort items and determine which is recyclable and what needs to be put into trash. The children will practice limiting the number of paper towels they use after washing their hands. They will discuss turning the water off when scrubbing their hands and while brushing their teeth as a way to conserve water. Teachers will supervise these practices while the kids are in school. The children will make picture showing hand washing and brushing of teeth with the water turned off. The first week of May the kids will plant their flower seeds in the flower beds and keep them watered.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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