Saving the Earth One Bottle At A Time/A River Runs Through It Sustainability Project

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    Los Angeles, California
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The Problem

My wish for this project is to make students aware of the impact plastic bottles have on our campus, storm drains, landfills, Los Angeles River, marine life animals and the ocean.

Our Plan

Most of the plastic bottles in our school are not being recycled, ending up in landfills. Students will decorate blue plastic containers with marine life and nature to remind others of the impact plastic bottles have on the environment. Students will visit classrooms and give informative speeches on how the recycling program will work and how often they will come by to pick up the bins to be recycled. In partnering up with the Los Angeles Conservation Corp, they will come by and collect and recycle the plastic bottles and credit our account on a quarterly basis. The proceeds from the recycled bottles will go for the purchase of a water station to refill reusable water bottles.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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