Saving Stray Animals Awarness Champaign – U A E .

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The Problem

Mass Community Awareness Champaign to be organized by having tie up with all animals rescue groups by organizing special events at every shopping mall where ever group's pet adoption are organized every Fridays and Saturdays and even the local pet foods joints all over U A E for which print media, and local TV news coverage could be meet . For which if the Roots & Shoots - abdudhabi U A E participation for local event champaign approvals could be meet by their participation in unifying all the individual group's under their banner which the smaller groups could be more equipped and more volunteer's will come forward to organize this event with a common goal to educate every body residing in u a e to take care of the animals and also cleaner environment to justify our human race to take care of our the cleaner enviorment .

Our Plan

It will be Mass Save Stray Awareness Champaign by organizing rallies with the gatherings of all the individual rescue groups operating in u a e under the patronage of Dr Jane Goodwill Root's and Shoots - abu dhabi visibility will be news coverage, print media high lighting :SAVE A SOUL ,One at a Time - 2018 .

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    Pets & Companion Animals

The Benefit

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