Saving Rescue Horses

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    Phelan, California
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The Problem

There has been many abuses to horses. I love horses, and I want to save abused and starved horses from death. I want to show people that you can save animals and not just give up on them and give them away. You can never just give up on a "bad" animal. Those animals were taught bad manners and they just need someone to show them good and show them a better life.

Our Plan

I have taken in a abused pony. My pony's name is Ponyboy, from The Outsiders movie. His old owner got him from a friend. He was very skinny and everyone who had him gave up on him. When I took him in he was about 400 pounds, 13.3 hands, and about 9 years old. His owner did not want him because he had very bad saddle manners and always causing fuss around the other horses. Ponyboy also bucked off the owner's daughter, breaking her arm. She sold him to me for $200 with corral panels. He is now down at my trainers house. I got on him and bucked me off to see how he was. We are now starting from the bottom training him from the ground up. This project is going to show the progress we are going to make and show people you can not just give up on a "bad" animal.

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